Garment Care

Our apparel is designed for busy women that lead active lifestyles, so please review our basic garment care if you are on the go! 

For active fabrics, they are still susceptible to damage if aggressively washed. Avoid harsh chemicals like fabric softener, forgo hot water, and don't wash these fabrics alongside coarse materials like towels.

When it comes to casual fabrics, wools, lyocell, cotton modal blends and silks, they need a bit more loving. Opt for cold water, lay flat and wash with similar colors. 

This is what we suggest:

- Always check the care label of each garment for special instructions.

- For longevity of your garments, machine wash your garments inside out and allow them to air dry.

- Wash your bright coloured garments before wear and wash with similar colours.

- Avoid washing your Supplex and Lycra-based garments with towels or rough or course materials.

- Do not add fabric softener when washing Supplex or Lycra-based garments.

- Wash outerwear in cold/warm water and hang to dry.

- We suggest removing the cups from tops and bras before washing to preserve their shape.

For any other care inquiries please send a message to