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Milestone Barre Charms - Triangle

Milestone Barre Charms || simplyWORKOUT

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  • Hi. Will you be getting the 250 barre star Charon in again? I just hit 250 and wanted to purchase it. Thanks.

    In early June, you should see something new for this particular line of milestone charms! :)  Keep an eye out!

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Barre Jewelry by simplyWORKOUT

Having 100, 250, 500, 750, and dare I say, 1000 classes under your belt are a badge of honor in your favorite studios and earn you tuckin' V.I.P. status. Celebrate your milestone with an adorable barre charm to display proudly on a necklace, key chain or purse.  They'll also make the perfect congratulatory gift for your favorite barre buddy.

Barre Belle - 100, Barre Star - 300, Barre Beast - 500, Barre Badass - 750, Barre Goddess - 1000

**Barre Belle - 100 charm is now in a new 1.25" larger size**

300, 500, 750, and 1000 are in a subtle 1" in size, 2D Die struck iron, soft enamel color, shiny gold plating, cut out loop & jump ring. Includes a 12mm lobster clasp attachment to fit zipper, jewelery, key ring or some purse hardware.  


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