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Barre Sock Bag - You Know You're a Barre Addict

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You Know You're a Barre Addict - Barre Sock Bag

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Barre Sock Bags by simplyWORKOUT

Our sold out Barre Sock bags are back!

You know you're a Barre Addict when you have a Barre Sack Bag.  No more rifling through your purse and pulling out 3 pairs of barre socks (clean and dirty, eek) in order to uncover your car keys.  No more terrible eyesore when you open the car door to reveal your inconspicuous stash of grippy socks left from your recent barre exploits.  Barre addicts unite! Our Barre Sock Bag will change your life, and make your 'sticky' issue a much more discreet one.


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