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Buy Me That!

Tizzy Brown

Posted on December 23 2016

This jacket is literally my favorite article of clothing. I got it two weeks ago and I think I’ve successfully worn it every. single. day. Where I live it is impossibly cold. It is very hard to look cute when you have to dress for an arctic expedition just to go to the mailbox. The wind chill last night was -28°. This jacket keeps me so warm while actually looking good. It’s a Christmas miracle!

I am five feet tall and have ample seat which means finding jackets that work for me is incredible difficult. Either I need to wear a cropped jacket so it ends at my hips, or I need to wear an intentionally long jacket. Most jackets, and especially most athleisure jackets, tend to be made for a woman with a torso about an inch and a half longer than I, and therefore jackets tend to hit me mid-butt, either looking just intentionally too long or cutting me off. This jacket is the perfect length. The waist-band is loose, so no matter where is hits it flatters your figure. For me, its short enough to make it look like I’m a normal height.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I love dressing in black and white because it makes things so much easier. I don’t have to worry about if my clothes will match or go together, because everything in my closet is the same color scheme. The reason I’ve been able to wear this every damn day is because it goes perfectly with my whole wardrobe. Whether I’m looking for something to wear to and from the gym, or I need a jacket to wear to work, or I want something to wear with jeans and booties, this jacket works for every outfit. My mother did tell me though that I couldn’t wear it with my beaded flapper dress for the holiday party we were attending. Shame.

Do yourself a favor and buy this jacket. It is the best.

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