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Appeasing My Sweet Tooth

Tizzy Brown

Posted on August 12 2016

I have been on a pretty hardcore diet and exercise kick. I am eating clean and healthy and making good snack choices. While the hardest part of dieting for me may be living without tortellini, the easy second is finding healthy ways to appease my sweet tooth. Especially after a tough workout, all I want to do is have a giant scoop of ice cream with a giant spoonful of Nutella on top. If I gave in to that particular indulgence however, my daily calorie count would max out in just that meal! Instead, I have a hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is not really considered a diet food, nor is it considered a summer food. But my no-guilt hot chocolate is just the thing to fill me up and placate my chocolate craving. And while a hot beverage may not sound like the thing to eat in July after a spin class, I personally don’t mind it. I’ve also found that this hot chocolate is surprisingly filling. Obviously you can’t substitute drinking a class of milk for eating a real meal, but if you’re just looking for a snack or something to tide you over, this is pretty perfect.

My no-guilt hot chocolate recipe is simple: 1 cup of skim milk, one teaspoon of cocoa powder, and one teaspoon of Truvia. The total calorie count for this sweet beverage comes to just under 100 calories, 85 of which are coming from the skim milk. The heat is necessary in order to dissolve the Truvia and cocoa powder, but if you absolutely want a cold beverage, just wait for it to cool a bit and then throw some ice in there. And if you work out in the morning like I do, you can also add a shot of espresso and make it a mocha!

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